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This subject tried to grasp/replicate real life industry practices in terms of quality of product, available equipment (recording + software) and deadlines. I found the task of producing music to an attempted industry standard under a strict deadline to have stretched and challenged me to apply what had been learnt in other subjects (i.e.. audio engineering) which proved beneficial to my learning experience. I believe this subject could improve in the way the product is peer assessed. I feel there is a need for a more accurate and extensive marking guideline to accommodate for the varying forms of submission. I found that someone could submit a work in which they were 30% involved in, yet absolutely brilliant and reflecting high levels of involvement, creativity and work. Yet in the end be marked down in certain aspects of criteria where one could only score full marks if they submitted the entirety of the work. On the other hand, students could submit a track by themselves with minimal quality yet score a 10/10 on their involvement regarding the track. I suggest there be the possibility for full marks to be scored in all aspects if a student proves to have had a considerable involvement in a highly outstanding piece.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014