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This is an easy course however, you need to be very studious with the assignments. The field reports requires lots of information input and a lot of effort. The Lab report is also very important, be sure to ask about experimental data analysis because i lost 5% of my mark for the reason explicitly. The lectures are very friendly and helpful. The Two quizzes are easy if you have well written and organised notes. The final exam is pretty easy to do moderately well on but remember to create detailed notes. Really the only thing to be aware about on this course is the teaching styles. The two lecturers teach in different styles. With Chris, write down what he verbally says whereas with liesbeth, write down what she writes on the power point slides. If you get confused about anything just ask them about it during the workshops. I thoroughly enjoyed this subject and hope you do. Getting a 7 is possible, but you need to work for it. Hope this helpppps, best of luck.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020