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Absolutely loved this class. I reluctantly enrolled as it was the only elective I could pick for second year that fit with my work hours, and it's probably been the best class I've taken so far in my psychology degree. It was far more engaging, interesting and useful than I expected it to be. I think the knowledge I now have regarding cultural competency will be invaluable in the workplace - and the understanding of development and ageing will be very useful too. The lecturers were both excellent. Would highly recommend, I feel like it should be a compulsory topic.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

A great topic- lecturers are experts in their areas, and they also know how to connect students with lecture content. The lectures are interesting and include interactive activities from time to time. I didn't really understand how development + culture went together before studying this topic... but I am so glad I did it anyway. The cultural awareness that I have now developed is going to be very useful in the workplace. This topic opened my eyes to areas of research that I would never have otherwise considered as areas I would be interested in.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017