Law of Evidence

Grant Niemann

For sale by Tash for $90

Law of Evidence

Grant Niemann

For sale by Nakita for $90

Evidence Exam Notes (Distinction)

Areas covered: Oral evidence: - Character evidence - Propensity - Opinion - Unreliable testimon...

34 pages, 17693 words

Evidence Topic and Exam Cheat Sheet (HD)

Comprehensive notes which include road maps to help with answering questions. Designed so that the t...

94 pages, 45906 words

Evidence Law Exam Notes [D]

Comprehensive exam notes with cases and structure for answers. Mark of Distinction received for to...

57 pages, 24088 words


SUCCINCT notes for Evidence includes: - Road Map - Character Evidence - Competence and Compell...

27 pages, 15000 words

LLAW3223 Evidence - Exam Notes (Grade: Distinction)

I am selling exam notes for LLAW3223 Evidence at Flinders University. The notes can be used for all...

47 pages, 27000 words

Evidence Exam Notes

Exam notes for the following topics: - Basic Rules of Evidence - Examination of a Witness (XIC & X...

68 pages, 20741 words

Evidence Law Exam Notes

Covers the entire content for Evidence Law. Comprehensive notes, including all relevant cases fr...

84 pages, 25854 words

Comprehensive Evidence Notes

A condensed and comprehensive set of notes for evidence inclusive of: lectures, textbook readings, w...

51 pages, 31570 words


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