Principles of Civil Litigation

David Bamford & Mark Rankin

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Civil Litigation Exam Notes (Distinction)

Areas covered: - Commencing proceedings - Pleadings - Pre-trial termination - Case management an...

15 pages, 5985 words

LLAW3212 Civil Litigation - Exam Notes (with Checklists and Case Summaries)

These exam notes are easy to follow and include checklists, roadmaps and case summaries. They are pr...

85 pages, 25365 words

Civil Litigation Exam Notes [HD - 85]

Comprehensive exam notes with cases and relevant legislation. Mark of 85 received in exam. Topic...

44 pages, 17167 words

LLAW3212 Civil Litigation Exam "Cheat Sheet"

Exam notes that detail how to set up your answers and goes through the entire content of the topic s...

83 pages, 26740 words

Civil Lit Exam revision

Complete topic guide - all relevant legislation and case law Civil Justice System Litigation Proce...

75 pages, 22796 words

Comprehensive Civil Litigation Notes

A condensed and comprehensive set of notes for civil litigation inclusive of: lectures, textbook rea...

39 pages, 20869 words

LLAW3212 Civil Litigation - Exam Notes (Grade: 80)

I am selling exam plans/notes for the topic LLAW3212 Civil Litigation at Flinders University. The no...

33 pages, 15028 words

Civil Litigation Exam Notes

Comprehensive notes covering all topics of Civil Litigation Topics include: Commencing Proceedi...

86 pages, 32335 words


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Covers civil procedure in a simple way

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014