Understanding Company Law

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Corporate Law 2 [Ethics] Exam/Topic Cheat Sheet (HD)

Written by Nadia

Comprehensive notes which include road maps to help with answering questions. Designed so that the t...

76 pages, 36834 words

Corporate Law 2 [Ethics II] Exam Notes (Distinction)

Written by Tash

Areas covered: - Director's duties - Member's remedies - Accounts and audits - Fundraising - In...

25 pages, 13205 words

Corp 2 Exam notes

Written by Kay

Comprehensive Corp 2 exam notes Full index Corp Governance Director Duties and ethics Statutory...

75 pages, 22676 words

Corporate Law 2 Notes

Written by Jess

Detailed notes covering directors duties, members remedies Includes relevant changes to insolvency...

86 pages, 32541 words

SALE Corp Law 2- summary, notes and authorities

Written by Candice

For examination preparation Summary with authorities and notes from classes as well as the Corporat...

49 pages, 10854 words

LLAW3211 Corporate Law 2 [Ethics] - Notes (Grade: Distinction)

Written by Dan

I am selling exam notes for LLAW3211 Corporate Law 2 [Ethics]. All important cases and legislative s...

86 pages, 40000 words

Corporate Law 2 [Ethics II] Notes

Written by Alana

Full subject notes plus quick reference summary notes

98 pages, 32219 words

Corporate Law 2 Notes

Written by Alex

Flinders University Corporate 2 Notes. Achieved 83 for the exam overall. Contains topics such as Di...

71 pages, 17924 words

Corporate Law 2 [Ethics II] Exam Notes 2016

Written by Nicholas

Final exam notes for LLAW3211 Corporate Law 2 including topics; - Corporate Personality - Director...

84 pages, 36315 words


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Covers a very important area which should be understood regardless of which side one wishes to repesent- corporate law

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014