Corporate Law

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Corporate Law 1 [Drafting] Exam Notes (Distinction)

Areas covered: - Business structures (partnerships) - Regulation, registration, types of companies...

21 pages, 11700 words

Corporate Law 1 [Drafting] Cheat Sheet

Notes that detail how to set up your answers for problem questions & the exam. Notes go through the...

84 pages, 34489 words


- Business Structures (Including relevant sections of Partnerships Act) - Pre-registration Contrac...

16 pages, 8000 words

Corp Law 1 Notes [D]

Comprehensive exam notes with cases and structure. Mark of distinction received for exam. Topics...

25 pages, 8639 words

Comprehensive Corporate Law 1 Notes

A condensed and comprehensive set of notes for corporate law 1 - drafting inclusive of: lectures, te...

20 pages, 8685 words

SALE Corp Law 1- outline and authorities for exam

30 pages easy to follow table of contents Notes which cover relevant topics and cases. Utilises e...

55 pages, 8145 words

Corporate Law 1 [Drafting] Notes

full subject notes

49 pages, 16414 words


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Hi, I’m a Flinders Law School graduate, achieving a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice degree (With...