David Hambly, Kylie Burns, Joachim Dietrich, Neil Foster

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Comprehensive Torts Notes

Written by Tayla

A condensed and comprehensive set of notes for advanced contract inclusive of: lectures, textbook re...

69 pages, 29257 words

Torts 1 exam notes

Written by Jess

Covers Torts topics: Duty Breach Causation Intentional torts Defences and damages

10 pages, 6022 words

Torts 1 Exam Notes

Written by Jess

Well ordered exam notes, covers all examinable topics in depth with examples

32 pages, 6251 words

Torts 1 revision notes

Written by Kay

Covers - Duty of care - (Reasonable foreseeability paragraph) , Breach of duty, torts against person...

24 pages, 4892 words


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