Principles of contract law

Jeannie Paterson, Andrew Robertson and Arlen duke

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Law Student Survival Guide

Claire Elizabeth Macken

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Principles of Contract Law

Jeannie Marie Paterson, Andrew Robertson, Arlen Duke

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Jeannie Marie Paterson, Andrew Robertson, Arlen Duke

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LLAW1214 - Contract

Written by Helen

As someone who gets very frazzled in an exam context, I like to have a skeleton response planned out...

57 pages, 13572 words

Contract Notes (HD) - FULL TEXTBOOK

Written by Michael

Please note: - that I did not attend Flinders but I am a professional tutor and lecturer in Contra...

212 pages, 111745 words

Contract Exam Study Guide

Written by Mollie

Includes every fundamental element of contract basic contract law with index and case references

47 pages, 11376 words


Written by Alex

Semester 1 Notes for Contract Law at Flinders topics include express terms estoppel implied term...

24 pages, 10837 words

Contract Exam Notes

Written by Cameron

Exam Notes containing content from the whole semester. No content page but new subject on each page.

12 pages, 6058 words

Flinders LLAW 1214 Contract Exam Notes

Written by Kay

Complete topic notes - covers all aspects of content covered in Semester. Full table of contents ma...

37 pages, 8204 words

Contract Exam Notes

Written by Emily

Extensive notes shows how to answer question and all content of the exam. Extremely helpful for any...

25 pages, 7041 words


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