South Australian Criminal Law: Review and Critique

D. Caruso, Rhain Buth, M Health etc.

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Australian Guide to Legal Citation

For sale by Lee for $15

Laying Down the Law - 8th Edition

Cook, C

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Criminal Law Guidebook

Anderson, John

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LLAW1212 Exam Notes

Written by Jess

Topics covered: - Causing Harm/Serious Harm - Criminal Procedure - Sentencing ( discount and outc...

17 pages, 9106 words

Criminal Law and Legal Method EXAM NOTES

Written by Sara

This encompasses everything you'll be required to know for the Crim exam; including causing harm/ser...

19 pages, 4855 words

Criminal Law and Legal Method Exam Notes/Script

Written by Alan

These are the notes I used in my exam for which I score a HD. They are organised in accordance with...

8 pages, 3593 words

Criminal Law and Legal Method

Written by Kay

Comprehensive notes with contents page for ease of use. All key topics covered in detail. Includin...

19 pages, 4301 words

Clear, concise exam notes for Crim

Written by Cassie

The notes set out a structure to follow for Crim1212 exam. Includes relevant statute and common law.

13 pages, 3681 words


Written by Kate

Detailed exam notes for the criminal law exam. Step by step instructions and notes for each section...

11 pages, 4087 words


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This topic is challenging but extremely enjoyable.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017