Sociology for Health Professionals

Lani Russell

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The entire course is awfully structured and struggles to remain relevant. A prime example of this is how it openly condemns medicine in the first week while at the same time, fanatically sprouting the superiority of sociology; rather than discussing how sociology and biomedicine can work together to answer many medical problems. Further to this, the tutors for this course provide little guidance on important subject matters and often deflect even more the most basic of questions. This becomes a significant issue come assignment time when they refuse to answer any questions despite the assignments complexity. As a paying student, I expected a quality course, instead I was left with a poor excuse for a topic.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

This subject would have been useful if it was implemented and structured in a more professional, understanding and 'common-sense' way. It was poorly structured, poorly communicated and poorly taught. The tutors and lectures were often caught off guard by questions they should have been able to answer. There was little help or support throughout the topic and there were lots of loop holes within the curriculum. Tutor expectations often far exceeded students capacities expecially those with no prior knowledge in sociology and epidemiology. The ideas behind the topic would be very useful to health practitioners, but the way they implemented the curriculum was complicated and unstructured.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015