Tricolore Total 1

Sylvia Honnor, Heather Mascie-Taylor, Michael Spencer

For sale by Debs for $31.5

Encore Tricolore

Sylvia Honnor, Heather Mascie-Taylor

For sale by Debs for $31.5

Encore Tricolore 4

Heather Mascie-Taylor, Sylvia Honnor, Michael Spencer

For sale by Debs for $37.77

AQA French Foundation

Bougard, Gilles, Gray, Harrison, March

For sale by Debs for $31.5

Deux Mondes (Student Edition)

Tracy Terrell, Mary Rogers, Betsy Kerr, Guy Spielmann

For sale by Melissa for $80

Entre nous 1/A1 Livre & Espace Virtual Premium

Neige Pruvost, Frédérique Courteaud, Sonia Gómez-Jordana

For sale by Meagan for $50

Grammaire Contrastice: for English speakers

Marcella Di Giura, Richard Huw Thomas, Anuradha Waglé

For sale by Meagan for $45

Advanced French Vocabulary

Philip Horsfall, Sue Finnie

For sale by Anushka for $14.5


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$35 per hour

Hello and Bonjour! After graduating from the University of Melbourne with a Dip Lang in French, I t...


$25 per hour

I have 20 years experience in teaching French as a foreign language, to high school students as well...


$30 per hour

I am a french exchange student at the College of the Arts at the University of Sydney. I can help p...


$30 per hour

Bonjour à tous! My name is Peter Alliott and I am studying Law/Global Studies. I completed all of my...


$18 per hour

Hi Everyone, My name is Camille, I am a french native speaker, and I am studying my second year at...