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Management, People and Organisation Exam Notes

Written by Audrey

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Content wise the topic is fairly easy, however the volume of content is quite high (40 slides per lecture) I found it hard studying for the exam because there was so much to remember. You do get given practice exam questions but I got given different questions in my exam. We were also assessed on a group case study where we had to present in front of the class and write a written report.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

The topic has some great information to help understand management as an overall process. However, some of the theories taught try to make simple stuff sound more complex than it really is. The majority of assignments are essays based on management theory. Sadly, a knowledge of management theory does not make a person a good manager and the topic would benefit from having more practical elements. Although the content was easy to understand there was a lot of management theory taught, it was difficult to remember everything which was concerning come exam time. But I was quite surprised as the exam ended up being quite a bludge. The topic coordinator gave around 80 practice multiple choice questions and 30 of these exact questions were in the exam. Then there were 26 practice essay questions, 9 of these were in the exam to choose from and you only had to answer 3. You were also allowed to take a double sided notes page into the exam room. If you are well prepared you can answer most of the practice questions word for word in size 5 font and then copy your essay responses word for word on the exam paper. Overall the topic was informative and quite enjoyable.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017