Principles of Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia

Kelley Burton, Wayne Thomas Crofts, Stella Tarrant

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The Criminal Codes

Wayne Thomas Crofts, Kelley Burton

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Waller and Williams Criminal Law Text and Cases

Penny Crofts, Wayne Thomas Crofts, Stephen Gray, Bronwyn Glynis Naylor, Tyrone Kirchengast, Steven Tudor

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Waller & Williams Criminal Law

Thalia Anthony, Penny Crofts, Wayne Thomas Crofts, Stephen Gray, Arlie Loughnan, Bronwyn Glynis Naylor

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Crim law 1 - very detailed HD notes with Exam quick ref sheet

Written by Natalie

Very detailed notes with case details and full citations AND a quick ref sheet 1-2 sides for each of...

64 pages, 24344 words

Criminal Law Notes

Written by Shelby

Notes which go through all the elements of each breach, detailed case law and relevant sections

26 pages, 10137 words

LAW1113 Criminal Law 1

Written by Alicia

Extensive summaries of each class of offence covered in Crim 1.

32 pages, 10550 words

LAW1113 - Criminal Law 1 Exam Notes

Written by Tom

High level, easy to follow exam notes for LAW1113. Clearly sets out the elements for each offence to...

11 pages, 2809 words

LAW1113 - Criminal Law 1 End of Semester Exam Notes

Written by Jesse

End of semester exam notes for LAW1113 Criminal Law 1. INcludes an overview of each offence/topic i...

18 pages, 5803 words

LAW1214: Criminal Law II

Written by Jenny

Criminal Law exam notes semester 2 - defences

26 pages, 13610 words


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