Intellectual Property Collection 2015

Lexis Nexis Staff, Lnls

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Intellectual Property Collection 2015

Lexis Nexis Staff, Lnls

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Comprehensive IP Notes (In depth notes, cases legislation & summaries)

Written by Tara

All examinable topics are in these notes that are compiled of lecture notes, tute notes, textbook no...

350 pages, 169700 words

HD Notes: MLL410 Intellectual Property

Written by Emma

Comprehensive notes for every topic in MLL410 Intellectual Property. If the booklet refers to the...

52 pages, 70139 words

HD Answer Guides: MLL410 Intellectual Property

Written by Emma

Unique and comprehensive answer guides for every topic in MLL410 Intellectual Property, created from...

43 pages, 22273 words

Intellectual Property Notes - HD

Written by Georgia

I received a HD in the assignment and in the overall subject. These notes are a compilation of l...

161 pages, 89086 words


Written by Emma

My notes include all the unit content combined into one master document. I have the weekly notes fro...

161 pages, 59880 words


Written by Milly

I achieved HDs for my IP assignment and exam using these notes. They comprise a comprehensive yet...

175 pages, 63632 words

Intellectual Property Law

Written by Madison

Topics: - Trade Mark; Defence and Counterclaims - Copyright; what copyright protects; ownership...

81 pages, 32487 words

Intellectual Property Law EXAM Notes

Written by Danny

Concise, meticulous and excellent quality Intellectual Property (IP) Law EXAM Notes, MLL410 (Deakin...

137 pages, 56131 words

Intellectual Property Notes HD

Written by Archie

Covers in-depth the three topics in the course; 1) Copyright 2) Patents 3) Registered Designs...

147 pages, 56333 words

MLL410 - Intellectual Property Notes

Written by Elly

I completed this subject as an intensive unit at Deakin Burwood during T3 2018. These notes are...

154 pages, 84541 words


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Very difficult unit. Exam was far too long, didnt even finish it. No prescribed text, needed more structure.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

IP is a really interesting unit as it differs significantly from any other units. The first assignment is a really helpful tool as it give you a chance to utilise your researching capabilities - if you feel like research isn't your thing, make sure you attend a skills session that they hold in the library. I found the exam difficult as it was hard to know how much to write as it was more of a statement response than set questions.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014

There is no longer a prescribed textbook. The assignment is marked with little logic, consistency, or explanation. Would not recommend this subject in a million years.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014

A lot of reading needs to be done in this subject, so get onto of the prescribed textbook.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2013

Remember that more that one piece of legislation can apply at the same time to a question!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014