Civil Procedure: Commentary & Materials, 5th Edition

Jackson, S

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Principles of Civil Procedure in Victoria

Claudio Bozzi

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Civil Procedure

Bridget Cullen Mandikos

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Highest Mark - 91 - Civil Procedure

Written by Pat

Used by two students to obtain the subject award (91) and second-highest (89) mark in civil procedur...

58 pages, 20000 words

Civil Procedure Note

Written by Madison

Covers all topics from week 1 - week 11 for Civil Procedure Law Deakin Burwood. TOPIC LIST: 1...

79 pages, 23142 words


Written by Tara

All examinable topics are in these notes that are compiled of lecture notes, tute notes, textbook no...

281 pages, 140111 words

MLL391 Civil Procedure Notes

Written by Emma

Comprehensive notes for every topic in MLL391 Civil Procedure & Dispute Resolution. If the bookle...

154 pages, 71082 words


Written by Stefania

Detailed civil procedure notes and steps on how to answer exam questions. Includes descriptions...

82 pages, 41707 words

Answer Guides: MLL391 Civil Procedure

Written by Emma

Comprehensive answer guides for every topic in MLL391 Civil Procedure & Dispute Resolution. If th...

59 pages, 21092 words


Written by Emma

My notes include all the unit content (lectures/readings) which I have combined into one master docu...

228 pages, 90501 words

Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resolution Notes

Written by Madison

Thorough and cohesive notes for MLL391 with case studies and examples throughout. All you need f...

314 pages, 136965 words


Written by Ben

Excellent Civil Procedure Exam Notes. Includes all content from lectures, study guides and readings....

25 pages, 14608 words

MLL391 Exam Notes

Written by Grace

Transcribed from all lectures Includes all examinable topics: - The administration of justice - C...

66 pages, 22877 words


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Interesting subject, must keep on top of the work though or else it gets hard!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Really disappointed Sam didn't teach over T3. No guidance for exam prep. Felt half of the exam questions were random- I spent 20 minutes flicking through all of my notes, text and lect slides for a question and couldn't figure it out. Shame I didn't enjoy it, especially when this unit is so valuable in practice

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Absolutely the worst unit I've ever studied at Uni. The new lecturer Anthony is rude, unhelpful and I'm unsure as to how he even got the job as lecturer in the first place. My tip for you: try to study this core unit when Sam is teaching it...

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

A great and interesting subject taught by a great veteran lecturer. A lot of reading is required, so grab the textbook as soon as possible.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2013