Principles of Civil Procedure in Victoria

Claudio Bozzi

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Litigation I: Civil Procedure

Henning, T

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Principles of Civil Procedure in Victoria

Claudio Bozzi

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MLL391 Civil Procedure and Dispute Resolution EXAM NOTES

Written by STEPH

I used these notes in the exam for MLL217 and found them super helpful and fully relied on them! The...

84 pages, 46013 words

Civil Procedure & Dispute Resolution - everything you need for a HD

Written by Jordan

This unit is one of the largest law units that you will complete at Deakin. It is made up of 14 topi...

122 pages, 61287 words

MLL391 Civil Procedure Notes

Written by Emma

Comprehensive notes for every topic in MLL391 Civil Procedure & Dispute Resolution. If the bookle...

154 pages, 71082 words

Answer Guides: MLL391 Civil Procedure

Written by Emma

Comprehensive answer guides for every topic in MLL391 Civil Procedure & Dispute Resolution. If th...

59 pages, 21092 words

MLL391 Civil Procedure & ADR Exam Notes

Written by Phillip

Concise and neatly presented notes with up-to-date content for MLL391 or any civil procedure unit....

139 pages, 72209 words

Civil Procedure and Dispute Resolution Exam Notes

Written by Kenny

These notes are made up of lecture notes, lecture slides, readings and discussions from class. They...

23 pages, 23452 words

Distinction Civil Procedure Notes

Written by Annelise

Topic 1 - Civil Procedure Overview Topic 2 - Courts and Jurisdiction Topic 3 - Commencement of Pro...

129 pages, 65828 words

Civil Procedure Notes

Written by Montana

These notes are all I needed to achieve a HD for MLL391 Civil Procedure. They include all relevan...

114 pages, 68304 words

Civil Procedure & ADR Notes (distinction)

Written by Amy

Covers topics 1 to 14 Notes from lectures with S Cusumano and Principles in Civil Procedure in Vict...

177 pages, 65709 words

MLL391 Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resoluation Exam Notes

Written by Julia

These exam notes are a fully comprehensive guide to successfully passing MLL391 with high flying col...

93 pages, 33141 words


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Interesting subject, must keep on top of the work though or else it gets hard!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Really disappointed Sam didn't teach over T3. No guidance for exam prep. Felt half of the exam questions were random- I spent 20 minutes flicking through all of my notes, text and lect slides for a question and couldn't figure it out. Shame I didn't enjoy it, especially when this unit is so valuable in practice

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Absolutely the worst unit I've ever studied at Uni. The new lecturer Anthony is rude, unhelpful and I'm unsure as to how he even got the job as lecturer in the first place. My tip for you: try to study this core unit when Sam is teaching it...

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

A great and interesting subject taught by a great veteran lecturer. A lot of reading is required, so grab the textbook as soon as possible.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2013