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ML316 Topic Notes

Written by Jess

This is a summary of the entire unit content as taught online (recorded lectures, study guides and p...

113 pages, 42992 words

Mining and Energy Law Notes

Written by Joshua

These notes comprise of both text book and lecture summaries. They are a detailed set of notes th...

97 pages, 100000 words

Mining and Energy Law: Comprehensive Notes

Written by Greta

Details mining and energy notes containing all relevant legislation, policy discussion and internati...

117 pages, 54282 words

Mining and Energy Law Notes

Written by Matt

Contains lecture slides, readings, and additional content shared in the lectures.

91 pages, 39534 words

Full course content

Written by Joshua

Lecture + textbook notes. Topics -Ownership -Resource titles -Offshore Mining -Climate Change...

97 pages, 48084 words

Mining and Energy Law EXAM NOTES MLL316

Written by Danny

Concise and meticulous Mining and Energy Law EXAM Notes MLL316 (Deakin University), using both the t...

108 pages, 37182 words

MLL316 Question Approaches

Written by Jess

These notes are a definitive guide in answering questions regarding each area covered by the unit, f...

30 pages, 6817 words


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