Developmental Psychology


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Developmental Psychology


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HPS202: Summarised notes for the exam 88HD

Written by Marlena

- These summarised notes include every content needed for the exam, excluding the 3 masterclasses (l...

37 pages, 14827 words

HPS202 Exam Notes

Written by Stephanie

Comprehensive exam notes taken from the pre-recorded lectures and readings. Notes are based of the w...

26 pages, 11956 words

HPS202 Summary Notes

Written by Sarah

Notes were created using the weekly reading resources provided for the unit: Topics include: - B...

83 pages, 24144 words

Colour-Coded and Comprehensive HPS202 Notes

Written by Pannamy

Comprehensive notes that saved me during exam time. Colour-Coded, with visual, and custom examples t...

96 pages, 21269 words

Child and adolescent development

Written by Rajwinder

These are well-prepared notes and including all material from study guides and from the book.

147 pages, 42398 words

HPS202 Lecture and Seminar Notes (Missing Lectures 4/7)

Written by Nick

Missing Lectures 4 and 7. Taken from Semester Two study at Deakin University, Burwood

35 pages, 10000 words

HPS202 Learning Objective Notes

Written by Caroline

Full Semester 2 2017 learning objective completed notes

48 pages, 21529 words


Written by Victoria

These notes are collated from the textbook, study guides, lectures and alternative online sources to...

23 pages, 5083 words

High Distinction Child and Adolescent Development Exam Notes

Written by Vicki

Detailed and comprehensive summarised notes on all 11 weeks of content in unit HPS202. The notes are...

40 pages, 9209 words

Child and Adolescent Development HD exam notes

Written by Kiera

This is a complete set of 'answers' for the required learning objectives.

25 pages, 8202 words


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The subject gives you an overview of child development. Not much about adolescent, in fact almost nothing. Assignments are interesting. Exam fairly easy if you keep up with readings.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Really interesting and challenges you without being too hard. No textbook & everything is online which helps out with costs a lot

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Did this unit over T3 2014. Loved it one of my fav units. Very interesting information if your interested in development. Assignments were straight forward. I did get very lazy during the summer as it was my first semester studying during the summer so I didnt study as much as I should have but still managed to get a Distinction. Recommened it!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014