Basic Business Statistics

Berenson Levine Szabat Obrien Jayne Watson

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Basic Business Statistics

Mark Berenson, David Levine, Kathryn Szabat, Judith Watson, Nicola Jayne, Martin O'Brien

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Statistics Unlocking the Power of Data 1E

Lock, Robin H.

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Statistics Unlocking the Power of Data 1E

Lock, Robin H.

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Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Beaver, Robert

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Basic Business Statistics

Berenson et al.

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Business Statistics

Bronwen Whiting

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STAT1008 Notes

STAT1008 Notes from lectures, tutorials and the textbook. Notes have highlighted formulas and import...

17 pages, 8815 words

Stat1008 Terminology

All the important terminology including basic formulas and symbols, as well as corresponding diagram...

3 pages, 1528 words

2017 Exam Cheat Sheet

1 page exam notes sheet for 2017 updated STAT1008 course. Includes all chapters studied (1, 2, 3, 4,...

2 pages, 1628 words

STAT1008 - Comprehensive Cheat Sheet

Double sided A4 Cheat sheet. Included: - Complete course summary - The best bits from other chea...

3 pages, 6696 words

STAT1008 Complete Course Notes

These extensive course notes are a compilation of lecture, textbook and individual research informat...

18 pages, 2161 words

STAT1008 Final Exam Cheat Sheet

A comprehensive, well organised, easy to follow cheat sheet with everything you will need to know go...

2 pages, 4000 words


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