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POLS3017 IR Theory Coursework & Exam Prep Notes (HD grade)

Topics covered: - Levels of Analysis - Cognitive Biases - Constructivism - Liberalism - Theorie...

31 pages, 11987 words

POLS3017 International Relations Theory Final Exam Summary

POLS3017 Final Exam Summary covers course content, including motivating examples covered in tutorial...

12 pages, 4600 words

International Relations Theory Summary

Contains a useful and critical summary of the major theories in the study of international relations...

27 pages, 7947 words


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My name is Cian and I am a second year Bachelor of International Relations Student minoring in Germa...


A surprisingly good course, teaches you critical thinking and how to properly use theory in international relations. Lots of small tasks that were easy to get good marks in if you struggled with the main assessments.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Richard Frank and Darren Lim make this subject way more interesting and less dry than anticipated, which is really welcome since it's compulsory for 2015 starters of the IR double degree. The theorists they make you read are pretty approachable, they integrate case studies that make everything easier to understand. Also they're both great lecturers and tutors. Thoroughly enjoyed this course.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017