Legal Theory

Jonathon George Crowe

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LAWS2249 Legal Theory Study Notes

Written by Emma

All lecture notes and reading notes weeks 1-12. TOPIC LIST Introduction to Legal Theory Law and...

15 pages, 9019 words

Full Notes + Example Essays LAWS2249

Written by Lucy

Full set of Legal Theory notes including summaries for each topic, sample essays + possible exam que...

85 pages, 41000 words

Legal Theory Exam Summary

Written by Amy

Outlines key topics including: - Law, power obligation (positivism, Austin, Bentham) - Adjudicati...

15 pages, 2000 words

Full Theory Notes + Exam Scaffolding

Written by Lucy

These notes cover all of the topics and theorists in the course, and has a breakdown of the position...

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Course Summary Table

Written by Freya

I was the top of the class in this subject- so these are really good notes! This is ideal for exam...

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Legal Theory Summary

Written by James

Includes detailed and succinct summaries and criticisms useful for formulating arguments concerning...

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This is a an amazing course. There is such a diverse range of lecturers (Desmond Manderson is incredible) and relevant readings from issues on human rights, refugees, the rule of law and legal history. Tutorials are great fun with the object being to voice your opinion using legal theorists as authority. So long as you attend tutorials and pick a few main readings to specialise in, you'll do well!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016