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Criminal law detailed exam notes

Detailed exam notes for Criminal Law, covers weeks 1-12 content and goes through how to answer quest...

67 pages, 31525 words

LAWS1206 Extensive Exam Problem Question Notes for Final Exam Criminal Law and Procedure Scaffolding, Cases and Legislation

FINAL EXAM PROBLEM QUESTION ANSWERING NOTES: Lead me to HD the final exam and also achieve a 90 Hig...

55 pages, 18655 words

Criminal Law and Procedure Template

These are templates for answering questions on murder, manslaughter, assault, sexual assault, compli...

28 pages, 9922 words

Criminal Law and Procedure - Final Exam Notes

- Clear and logical notes - Written using the textbook, class materials and other online sources -...

50 pages, 18465 words

Criminal Law and Procedures

I have created separate notes for all the different areas that are examinable - Parties to a crime...

60 pages, 20000 words

[Exam Mark - 92] Criminal Law & Procedure Notes

With these notes I got a 92 in the final exam Table of Contents At Bottom Topics include: - Vol...

65 pages, 20697 words

LAWS1206 Criminal Law Exam/Course Summary notes

This is a comprehensive summary of the entire course, designed in a layout for you to easily and tho...

31 pages, 11673 words

HD Criminal Law Final Exam Notes

HD Notes used for final exam - cover all topics which include: - actus reus - mens rea - strict a...

74 pages, 30567 words

LAWS1206 Study Notes

Comprehensive and drawn from textbook, powerpoint, Wattle, in-class and other online sources. Clear...

15 pages, 8410 words

LAWS1026 Criminal Law Exam Notes

This is an EXAM GUIDE for LAWS1206 It Includes ALL course content: Murder (+Manslaughter), Assaul...

77 pages, 26665 words


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Interesting course

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Interesting course content. Good range of lecturers. However it was quite fast going with lots to cover. Really try to nail intoxication provisions which I struggled with during mid-term exam. I found Anthony was the most approachable and he was really passionate about Indigenous people and their interactions with the system. The textbook reading was worth doing to solidify my understanding and for assistance. Didn't bother with reading case extracts.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016