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Hi! I'm Ruby, and I'm currently in my fourth year at ANU studying a Bachelor of Languages, with a do...


I really enjoyed that 구선생님 taught pretty much exclusively in Korean from Korean 5, I realised that I learned so much more than I thought I had, just from context and listening in class. The class (at least, my cohort) is incredibly sweet and we all get along really well. The Flip Language Exchange is also really helpful for pronunciation help and thinking on the spot (of course, that depends on your partner) Other students, as well as myself, are very comfortable asking 구선생님 questions and just generally bantering with her. Immaculate vibes. I'm so glad I decided to learn Korean 🥰 Aside from that though, as it could change a lot, depending on your class, I would highly recommend this course, as well as the other Korean language courses 1-6, all of the professors I've had have been super patient, welcoming, and so nice. Some of them can be a bit intimidating at first, but I promise that they're all incredible, and just want the best for you :))

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2022