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Great course. Some really engaging lectures and fascinating course content. One of the easier courses I have taken, although I've been advantaged by having done previous earth science in high school... my main critiques revolve around perhaps making it more accessible to those who haven't done it before, as I can imagine it would've been quite the content overload. Some of the lecturers were also unnecessarily long, and could have been condensed and gotten straight to the point, but most of the lectures were a good length. Also, the course has been rebooted from previous years and the structure is quite different, and as a result it would've been nicer to have a bit more of an intro to geology before the field trip, as it would've come in handy, especially for anyone who hadn't done earth sci before. But otherwise, it's a solid course. The RSES is cool as hell and I can't wait to take more of their courses.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

Brilliant course, taught by a fantastic convenor John Mavrogenes (AKA 'Mav') is very relaxed, approachable, friendly and helpful. His module is low-medium intensity (relative to the other chem and bio courses I have taken), and the labs are helpful. The field trip is fun, and the general relaxed vibe from the RSES is really apparent in the course. The lecturers for the other 2 modules are really nice guys too. The atmosphere module is by far the hardest, and if you can pressure the lecturer to tell you what content you're expected to know, this will help a lot. The labs aren't of much benefit. The hydrosphere module is a medium-intensity module again, but the lecturer is really good. The labs aren't very helpful, but it's nice to have an excuse to hang out with the RSES guys anyways. The final exam was a very welcome surprise - it was short and reasonably easy. Definitely would take this course again in a heartbeat.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021