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HD - Table of Contents Included - Corporate Social Responsibility, Accountability and Reporting

Written by Sophia

ALL YOU'LL NEED TO ACE THE EXAM - Readings and Lecture notes categorised by Learning Objectives -...

104 pages, 36803 words

BUSN3017 - Exam Notes

Written by Michael

I achieved a score of 86 in the final exam with these notes and got a mark of 83 overall for the cou...

55 pages, 17649 words

Comprehensive Notes for Corporate Social Responsibility

Written by Clare

Received a HD in this course. Contains thorough definitions and examples of all content covered i...

57 pages, 17791 words

Comprehensive Notes for Final Exam

Written by Pavan

It is a set of comprehensive notes that is a synthesis of tutorials and lecture content. An all-incl...

56 pages, 28782 words


Written by Shenal

Summary of the course for an open book exam with notes on case studies to draw examples from.

10 pages, 3285 words


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