Uniform Evidence Law Guidebook

John Anderson, Anthony Hopkins

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Uniform Evidence Law

Stephen Odgers

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Robert B. Wilson

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Uniform Evidence Law

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Uniform Evidence Law

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Evidence and Criminal Procedure Notes

Written by Monique

Excellent concise notes Case law and legislation in red where relevant Index for easy navigation...

26 pages, 15409 words


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This course is not well run. The lecturer doesn't seem to understand basic methods of teaching - that you start with a simple concept and build on it. This made lectures, which most students use as a starting point, extremely difficult to follow. Both the lecturer and tutor seemed more concerned with how hilarious the irrelevant background information they insisted on incorporating into the tutorial questions was, then actually facilitating an engaging learning environment. The case presentations in tutes don't work - they mean that from Week 5 onwards, only 4 members of the class get to contribute. Received extremely vague, generic and borderline illegible feedback on assignments. The worse unit I have ever taken both in Australia and the UK.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Poor delivery and class engagement. Tutorial mock trials were generally only researched by student actually partaling in the trial. Too many tips for exams and repeat of exam questions to ensure adequate pass rate rather than to test knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017