Principles of Australian Equity and Trusts, 3rd Edition

Peter Radan, Cameron Stewart

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Quick Reference Card: Equity, September 2015

L Robinson

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Equity and Trust Guidebook

Christopher Brien

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Principles of Australian Equity and Trusts

Peter Radan, Cameron Stewart, Ilija Vickovich

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FULL EXAM NOTES. useful contents page will guide you through. These notes were all i took in and...

64 pages, 25000 words

Equity & Trust Exam Notes Summary

TOPICS COVERED ARE: EQUITY - Nature & History of Equity – The Concept of Property in Equity...

56 pages, 21084 words

Distinction mark notes

Here is everything you need for your equity and trusts exam. History of Equity Equitable interests...

41 pages, 18500 words

Equity and Trusts Notes

Excellent concise notes that are easy to read and understand Step-by-step to answering questions fo...

56 pages, 29841 words

Equity and Trusts Exam Guide

12 Weeks of summaries for exam prep Topics Covered: 1. Nature and history of Equity 2. The conc...

50 pages, 27108 words

Equity & Trusts Exam Notes

Notes derived from Equity & Trusts Guidebook. My lecturer was the main textbook author.

20 pages, 6541 words

Equity and Trusts Exam Notes 2016 - BLB4136

Good structure for exam notes and i got a very good mark for this subject. Worth the price and cheap...

81 pages, 20501 words


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I am a practising community lawyer. I graduated from Vic Uni in 2016 with Honours and received a hig...