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I loved this unit! The teacher was lovely and gave heaps of advice, and would even stay back a little after class if you needed to chat about something. She gave me advice for future classes as well, and very valuable feedback. This class was also very fun. I will say a word of warning to those who plan to do this as a broadening and know nothing about art (as 2/3s of my class did), you do have to do the weekly homework journal entries. They aren't hard and don't take long at all, but they are a huge part of your mark later, so if you want a good mark just do your weekly homework rather than leaving it all til the week its due.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

I am so glad my friend recommended this unit to me. I did it as an elective and for the most part the unit is awesome. The tutors/unit coordinators are awesome and very supportive. Also very chill. There are no exams and you to draw through your feelings (not having expectations like drawing still life). Gets you engaged inside and outside of the class. Only bone i have to pick is that it is a little intensive if youre doing full time as there are additional hours you need to put in that is not included in the unit outline.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015