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This unit is an easy ungraded pass as long as you submit all requirements on time and attend all sessions. The internship hours needed are 100 hours but it can start after two compulsory IAC and ACAT seminars in week 1 and you should finished in by the end of week 12. We must plan ahead to complete this 100 hours beforehand, my suggestion is use the time in study break as much as possible so you will not be left behind. Different host organization and supervisor of course will create different experience, so this is just based on luck. Journals are easy full marks, along with supervisor feedback and signed timesheet that must be submitted too. The check-in class are helpful if you have any problems, but it only occur twice during the semester. This also give us work experience with community-based. Overall, hope everyone taking this unit will enjoy.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

Not much to say, everyone will have different internship experiences depending on the placement, but I think it is quite easy. You just need to attend a few seminars, complete your 100 hours and do a few journal writings on your experience. It's definitely a little time consuming, but also the easiest ungraded pass of your life.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2022