Competencia Gramatical En USO: Libro + CD A1 English Version

Carmen Martin Gaite

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Vente 1 Libro Del Alumno


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Competencia gramatical en USO A1 English Version


For sale by Stephanie for $25


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As a beginner to Spanish I was happy with the way it was taught, I picked it up quite easily and enjoyed the online components of the unit as it meant less classes. As long as you do the work and watch the lectures it’s an easy HD.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Do not recommend. It is taught very badly. This is supposed to be the beginner subject, however it seems like the tutors expect you to have a little bit of previous knowledge of the language. It is definitely a rushed subject with a lot of homework so if you aren't passionate about learning the language do not take it. The lectures are also so boring and contain so much information. The expectations the tutors have are also very high in terms of how fluent you are and they get frustrated when they realise that no one understands what they are talking about. Wouldn't recommend unless you are passionate and have A LOT of free time.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018