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The unit is fantastic in so many ways - the field trip, the lectures, the assessments and the lecturers themselves were great! The assessments are straightforward and the markers provide pretty good feedback, and the exam does require some study, though you can bring a double-sided A4 page of notes to it. There are some things that I did dislike - the field trip to the Gravity Discovery Centre is great, but it's best if you go with a friend or two, otherwise the start of it can be a bit boring (the night segment was beyond great though). One or two lectures didn't appear well organised and are a little boring. Ultimately though, this unit is one I would recommend to anyone who wants a fun unit that isn't too stressy.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

This unit is super awesome! the unit involves a field trip where you observe planets and the night sky from telescopes and four main assessments - a blog post, an essay, an oral speech based on your essay, and an exam at the end of the semester. with the exam, you are also allowed to bring a 1 sided page of notes which is awesome :D I highly recommend still studying the content of the lectures and not just relying on a page of notes because the questions in the exam require understanding and they are not simple "what is a black hole" kinda questions. overall, the unit is super fun and interesting and i recommend it to everyone

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

An easy unit which you can pass easily. The field trip is random but if you have friends in the unit it makes it better. The essay and oral is really easy and relaxed and the content is fine. You get a double sided cheat sheet for the exam which works amazing.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

This was an engaging and eye-opening unit. The field trip was fun and there was a lot to learn from it. The observing diaries provided a unique way of expressing what you learnt over the semester, and the marking for it wasn't very strict. It provided a break from other units, as one of the requirements was to look up into the sky every now and then to observe what you see. The exam wasn't too difficult, and you're allowed an A4 page of notes to help you jog your memory. Lots of content to memorise, but not difficult.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Extremely enjoyable unit with the inclusion of the 2 field trips. Basically, the assessments are 2 short field reports, 1 major report and presentation (really easy), 1 observation diary and the final exam. i went into the exam with a 50/60 unit score. As of 2017 sem 2, the unit allows you to have a 1 A4-sized double page cheat sheet for the exam, you literally just put in as much information as you can into that sheet and you'll ace the exams.However, like most science units, theres heavy emphasis and penalty on plagarism but the tutors are really understanding and helpful in helping whenever you're caught in such situation. Tutors and unit coordinators are the most friendly and passionate people i've ever come across in my 3 years in UWA. Highly recommend this unit as a broadening and especially if you even have a slight interest in space. Not sure how the previous reviewer even "missed" an assessment when literally all the information you need are on LMS and the unit outline.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Whilst the information covered is interesting, the management of this unit leaves a lot to be desired. It seems the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing half the time and i feel that the teachers may forget that this is a level 1 unit that a lot of people take as a boarding. About 1/3 is on how ancient civilizations saw the stars and planets 1/3 on planets and the rest on really involved, complicated models that will get glazed over in lecturers. If you miss one assessment, you fail. regardless of how well you are doing on other ones. Complete BS

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017