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SCIE1121 S1 2018 Cheat Sheet

Written by India Stone

2 pages which summarise the semesters notes and you are able to take it into the exam (perks of this...

2 pages, 2360 words

Complete SCIE1121 Notes + Exam Summary Cheat Sheet

Written by Pranav

A complete set of the most latest notes taken from the SCIE1121 content (Semester 1 2017) What do...

67 pages, 13700 words

SCIE1121 Our Universe Notes

Written by Emily

A brief definition of every topic covered in the lectures for SCIE1121 as well as a few images expla...

8 pages, 2503 words


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HDable but not easy to get 90s; great unit if you cant make it to uni at all except for the prezi and the exam. basically research well and give ample time (~1week) for each of the 3 essays, especially the last major essay, and full marks are achievable. Prezi- practice til smooth, answer peer questions at the end as well as possible, the QnA was probably where I lost marks but theyre pretty lenient (class average ~7/10). Exam- you get to bring a cheat sheet; be sure to do ALL past year papers and tutorial worksheets, a friend said it was literally a copy/paste, regretfully I didn't do that and only got 80s. attendance to trips, tutes, lectures are not compulsory, but you should definitely go on the trips, esp if you've never seen the entire milky way in the night sky.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

The unit was relatively interesting and all the words are on the lecture slides on LMS and I only went to one lecture and then decided to just read the slides and i achieved a 70% (excluding the exam) The field trip was a bit time wasting but was a nice day out. The essay was really chill but they are very picky with plagerism and turnitin will always be the worst. The presentation was smooth sailing and the marker (if they aren't a lecturer) are really nice and everyone was really chill. And the exam you get a cheat sheet so i basically condensed all of my notes onto a double-sided A4 and i was good to go

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018