Molecular Biology of the Cell

Alberts, Bruce

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SCIE1106 Notes

- All readings and lecture notes compiled - Diagrams to help understanding - Comprehensive and eas...

227 pages, 37843 words

SCIE1106 Notes

Notes from each of the lectures. Topics included: Macromolecules 1 Macromolecules 2 Structure of...

104 pages, 28836 words


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This unit really covers a broad spectrum of knowledge. But each lecture only had a few main points, and usually doesn't confuse you with too much non-assessable info. Open book test really is good but you need to collate your info so you know where everything is. This is one of the better level 1 unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2022

I didn't really like this unit that much. Like it's alright but they introduce stuff in a confusing manner. The labs are easy and all questions are in multiple choice

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

The only on campus experience is 3 labs, each consisting of a pre-lab quiz and a post-lab. The labs are relatively easy, but labs 2 and 3 are REALLY old (like 15+ years old). Information surrounding the 3rd lab report was really vague and drawing a logarithmic graph for lab 2 is a bit stupid. Still got 80+% and I definitely learnt a lot in regard to lab practice. I still feel as though there weren’t enough labs to prepare you for the intensity of 2nd year. Luckily most people do this unit alongside CHEM1002 (6 labs) or BIOC1001 (4 labs). ANHB1102 has no ‘real’ labs, so if you’re majoring in something like pathology, seriously consider doing BIOC1001 as an elective. Theory wise this unit covers a lot (35 lectures). I think there’s 5 or 6 different lecturers, but everything is taught exceptionally well. My favourite lecturers were probably Thomas and Rob, as they seemed to have the most fun teaching. Theory wise this unit DEFINITELY prepares you for second year. There are 6 theme quizzes in total, and the question style is really similar to the exam. The final exam was 80 MCQs and I thought it was a very reasonable exam. Brilliant unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Brilliant unit. I found the exam easier than the theme quizzes.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Easy HD. 2% of your grade is given for free with the biosafety module, 30% comes from labs, and 18% comes from the online theme quizzes, which were surprisingly difficult to get 100% in. Unit has 34 lectures in total. This unit is a good introduction to biomedical sciences, covering a lot of fundamental concepts in decent depth. Not sure how helpful highschool human biology would have been, but I did fine without it. Unit is split into 7 "themes," the first 3 are trivial, remaining 4 are more challenging. The labs are very easy practically and conceptually, although some people looked confused for whatever reason. Don't worry if you're not really getting results you'd expect in the third lab, a lot of people didn't. The exam is fairly easy, fully MCQ. Consequently, the theme quizzes were more difficult than the exam, interestingly enough. However, apparently now (2023+) the exam is no longer online and not open book (previously we could use lecture slides only), so it may be more challenging now. Content assessment is very superficial, and since this was done online I expect a lot of students cheated. Unit complements ANHB1102 well, and IMED1002 covers roughly half the content of this unit. It seems a couple majors require this unit. PATH2211 is a good easy follow-on from this, focusing on molecular biology if that's what you enjoyed/found easy from this unit. The second sentence of the 1 star review really says all you need to know about that review, ignore it. The 2019 review about dropping from 96% to 73% is a little ancient. Some other reviews did have a good point that this lecture covers a lot of content but doesn't go into much depth, but it's important to recognise that biomedicine is a large field that covers a lot of content - this unit is introductory, and does that quite well.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2022

Great unit, well organised. Thomas is an amazing, kind and empathetic unit coordinator who really does care for his students. Lectures are a little bit over the place but the organisation of content into various themes helps keep every thing in line. Quizzes are pretty easy, labs are pretty easy too - but they can be a little bit boring and there's a lot of waiting involved. Mitali's lectures are SUPER boring I really struggled to get through them. Overall great unit though

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2022

Interesting content but so poorly structured. I did IB Biology HL so I'm already familiar with some of the concepts introduced, but their way of introducing the concepts were confusing even for me. It's definitely not the best way to introduce molecular biology. A lot of the lectures won't make sense until the later part of the unit, and you really have to put in some effort to piece information from different lectures together to form something coherent and understandable. I did this unit online and there was absolutely no interaction. We can't do labs and there's no Q&A sessions scheduled, but most lecturers are fast with their replies. The textbook is pretty good in explaining some things, but I prefer going to biology websites or youtube videos. For exams, try not to depend on the lecture slides. Instead, try to understand concepts and familiarise yourself with some of the really specific details because there won't be enough time to look through the slides and go through all the questions. The exam asked for a lot of really specific information. If your major requires SCIE1106 as a prerequisite, definitely try your best in memorising instead of depending on slides, because your level 2s will most likely repeat a lot of materials from this class.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

This unit is a disaster. I learned nearly nothing of this because it wasn’t really related to what I am majoring in. Make sure that you get the best mark you can on assessments because the exam is really bad. The questions can be as complex as (which of the following is true/false) to (what organising provides energy for the cell). On my exam, I had a bunch of the first style questions and going one by one is time consuming. Is an 80questions exam for 2hr on LMS but the time flies that if you don’t hurry the time will run out.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

This unit isn't too bad. A lot of content is covered though and it felt like a thousand topics covered on a base level rather than fewer topic with deeper understanding. We had an open book exam with annotated lecture slides permissible. 3 lectures a week and 3 labs total, no tutes. Exam wasn't difficult but you're going to have to keep up to date with the content and don't rely on your notes because there won't be enough time to read through it searching for answers.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Alright unit if you keep up to date but tips I wish I'd known when I started: 1) DONT TAKE HANDWRITTEN NOTES 2) don't rely on it being an open book exam 3) Print 8 pages per slide 1) I made this mistake for the first 18 lectures only to find out we bring in annotated slides for the exams. You don't want to have to redo the lectures by writing your handwritten notes onto the slide a day before the exam, cuz there's like 100 slides (36 lectures, about 20 slides each) 1) I'd you have a tablet or ipad, use an app to write over the slides, this way you also have more time to listen to the lecture instead of anxiously trying to write everything down. Especially good idea since they go through a lot of diagrams you're gonna wanna look at and focus on. 2) Other than that, only three labs pretty simple, and the exam isn't bad, but do practice questions beforehand, and look over your notes even though it's open book!!! Cuz you will not have time to find the tiniest random definition in amongst 100 highlighted slides. 3) Lastly print your slides at least 8 pages per sheet, yes you can still read it and saves so much printing

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021