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PUBH3302 Health Promotion: Condensed Study Notes

Written by Sarah

Comprehensive summary of content of PUBH3302, Health Promotion by week. Includes week 1 through to w...

18 pages, 7638 words


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A bit of a frustrating unit, especially when run online. Understandable to have a group assignment but the whole thing was exhausting especially when people would have very high or low expectations of others. Of course as with many other units it would've been better if run in person. Went over good concepts though. Online exam was far too short for the number of questions and marks allocated for all the sections. Similarly, there seemed to be very subjective marking - many questions too vague to figure out exactly what they were asking for.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

This unit is a LOT of work. The group project spans the entire semester and is fairly arduous, and each assignment requires quite a lot of work for the measly grade it's worth. The exam was pretty straightforward, but by the time you get around to preparing for that, you're already mentally exhausted by this unit. All this aside, it's obviously super relevant if you're into health promotion, so yeah, useful.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018