Introduction to Public Health

Mary-Jane Schneider

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PUBH2204 Disease Control Condensed Study Notes

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Comprehensive summary of content of PUBH2204, Disease Control, by topic. Topics covered: Prevention...

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PUBH2204 - FULL and comprehensive notes

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A complete summary of my notes over the semester. 123 pages. The notes are separated into main to...

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PUBH2204 Comprehensive Exam Notes

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Perfect for exam study, includes all the content - notes are grouped into focus question sections th...

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PUBH2204 FULL Semester Notes

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A cohesively clear set of notes, based on the lecture slides, tutorial and additional reading, set t...

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I am currently a third year undergraduate student, studying the Bachelor of Science majoring in Popu...


i went in thinking it would be easy, based on fb reviews. The problem was I got complacent and left the exam revision to the last minute, and suffered a low HD when I could've gotten high 90s. Weekly quizzes are so easy you dont need to really read the lectures. Make sure you get a good group for the 3 graded prezis- mine was bad and lost quite a few marks due to no intro/conclusion and lack of evidence/real life examples. Essay- you can get almost full marks if you really think broadly and outside the box, and consider all aspects of the question. Exam- they literally gave the questions at the start of sem, all you need to do is write up solid answers with a lot of evidence/examples, and memorize them to the extreme. A classmate got full marks for the exam. So start researching the exam answers early because its already handed to you.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017