Sensation and Perception

Steven Yantis, Richard A. Abrams

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Sensation and Perception

Jeremy M. Wolfe

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Sensation and Perception

Steven Yantis, Richard A. Abrams

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Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology

Professor David Badcock

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PSYC3318 Exam Notes

Written by Nadia

Clear and detailed notes taken from the assigned textbook for PSYC3318, organised by topic. Contains...

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PSYC2218/3318: Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology

Written by Dhrutika

Detailed lecture notes with some notes from textbook chapters

29 pages, 16000 words

PSYC3318/2218 Notes (Perception & Sensory Neuropsychology)

Written by Georgia

Highly detailed and organised notes from lectures and textbook which I used for exam study. Includes...

19 pages, 4985 words


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Hi, I am Benny, I’m currently studying double major in psychology, and have achieved very good resul...


This unit was unlike any other psychology unit I have done before. If you want to do well it will require more than just doing the readings/lectures. David seems like a really great guy but I personally really struggled to follow the lectures. The experiment we had to do was kind of a mess too. If this unit doesn't align with your interests, or what you want to do with psychology then I would not recommend doing it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017