The Australian Political System in Action

Narelle Miragliotta, Wayne Errington, Nicholas Barry

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POLS2202 - Australian Politics - Comprehensive Notes

Written by James

A combination of lecture notes, summaries of important topics and notes from both the required and r...

42 pages, 24073 words

POLS2202 Master Notes (HD)

Written by Jennifer

Using these notes, I was able to achieve a HD in this unit. These notes provide an in-depth expla...

43 pages, 16329 words


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Hi, I'm James and I'm currently studying a double major in Political science and history (Third Year...


Definitely an interesting unit if you're into Australian politics. Covers all the basics but to do well in this unit requires far more than a general understanding of the political system, but rather asks you to critically analyse it in many senses. Therefore it is definitely an advantage if you've done Politics and Law at high school or already have a good understanding of the processes and conventions of Australian politics. Unit lacked a little structure at times but was overall good.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Peter, the lecturer is extremely qualified. If you are interested in the Australian political system, this unit will not disappoint. The tutorials are discussion based and the text is enjoyable to read, rather than dense and a repetition of the lecture. Totally recommend!!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

The lecturer, Peter was fantastic and engaging. I found the material to be very interesting and the text to be very useful. However, the tutor, Ash was incredibly disappointing - the tutorials were a complete waste of my time as he did nothing to encourage students nor facilitate productive discussion.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017