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PHYL3004 - Semester Notes

Concise and detailed notes from the lectures notes and research including diagrams necessary to unde...

31 pages, 7906 words

PHYL3004 - Semester Notes

Comprehensive summary of all lectures and additional materials in the PHYL3004. Summarised by topic...

29 pages, 6430 words


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Do you need help wrapping your head around complex anatomical or physiological concepts? From apprec...


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I am a student currently in my third and final year of Anatomy and Human Biology with Physiology as...


Peter Noble now runs this unit and I absolutely love it. Interesting content, a massive step down in quantity of assessments from 3002/3001 so it's easier to find time to go through the material. The abstract marking is in-depth and very useful; one of the units where I feel like I've actually learned a lot.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

This unit has gotten a lot better since Peter McFawn took over as unit coordinator. The content can seem vague and hard to understand what is asked of at times but involves looking at the body as an integrated system and therefore pays to focus your study on identifying how systems interact with each other.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015