Introduction to Human Physiology

Lauralee Sherwood

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Human Physiology : From Cells to Systems

Sherwood, Lauralee

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Detailed PHYL2001 (Exam) Notes

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PHYL2001 Semester Notes

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PHYL2001 Notes

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PHYL2001 - Semester Notes

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PHYL2001 Notes & Revision

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Loved the lecturers and content.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

This unit is great! The assessments are very well distributed. Firstly, tutorial participation is an easy 1.5% out of a possible 2% if you sit and seem engaged by asking and answering questions. You must give 1 speech in the tutorial which is worth 6% of your grade. If you invest around 8 hours into this assignment, which included doing research, writing the speech, preparing a PowerPoint and thinking of answers to potential questions, you should easily get 80+. However if you just want to pass then you could just use the lecture slides and make a basic PowerPoint. The prelab quizzes (3 x 1%) are relatively easy if you’ve done the lectures for the respective quiz. You get 2 attempts and the last mark is the one used for your final grade. Easy to get 85+ on these. The 4 x 6.75% lab reports are easy to get 65+ in but if you want 80+ then you should put in a bit of extra work (2 hours max). The questions are uploaded into a word document so you can type responses down and then copy and paste them into the online quiz. The reports are due 3 days post lab so make sure you do them! In addition, you have to submit your lab results book which is worth an easy 2%. The remaining 60% is allocated to the end of semester exam. I must say, if you want to pass this exam you should revise the questions on the lecture slides and those asked in the prelab and lab report. To get an 80+ in the exam, I would recommend studying for at least 18 hours during the study week. Just as a last comment, almost all of the content is connected to another topic, and this comes in handy when studying for the final exam. For example, the physiological control system is related to the reproductive system and cardiovascular system, which is then related to respiratory system and the renal system, which is related to the gastrointestinal system. TLDR: An easy Credit, HD is achievable for a moderator amount of work. Tony is also good for a laugh!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Great unit. Not ridiculously difficult but you do still need to work hard to get a good mark.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

I just did not enjoy this unit. I found the fact that some of the content was actually interesting to be dwarfed by the utter lack of organisation and communication. There were glaring inconsistencies between tutorial groups, it was near impossible to get email responses from the unit coordinator, and lab sizes were too big for everyone to fully understand what's going on. It was a frustrating experience but not an overly difficult unit to score an HD in; be prepared to rote memorize numbers and laws (especially respiratory) and you'll be fine. McFawn is this this units only saving grace, guy's a legend.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

A pretty good unit. It covers a lot of the same things found in year 11, 12 and level 1 and 2 human biology units, just in a bit more depth. Its a reasonably basic unit though, i feel like it was just a bit of an all round human bio overview.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014