Metaphysics; The Big Questions

Peter van Inwagen and Dean W. Zimmerman

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PHIL1003: Course Notes on God and Mind

Written by Amy

Full Content on the God and Mind sections of the course. Includes definitions and explanation of the...

8 pages, 1693 words


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The content covered in PHIL1003 is extremely interesting, and was presented quite well. The various topics were presented by four different lecturers, which was certainly a strength of the unit, in that each lecturer was well-versed in their field, and thus able to cover topics in good depth. Feedback on essays was also delivered speedily and in depth. Two hours per week of contact time is (unfortunately) the standard for first-year arts subjects, and given this time was usual spent in the company of 30–35 other students, it is a bit of a stretch to claim that classes were tutorials. Periods of time were set aside for impromptu discussions; however, these were generally dominated by no more than ten people, as is to be expected.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013