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PHAR1101 eTute Notes for Exam (S2-2020)

This notes includes color coded tables for the necessary information on key drugs from eTutes 1-6, w...

7 pages, 1906 words

Pharmacology: Drugs that Changed the World

In depth, detailed lecture notes for every lecture (lectures 2-16). All the information you need to...

53 pages, 14930 words

PHAR1101 Notes (Lectures + eTutes)

Comprehensive notes from all lectures and e-tutes. Got a perfect score on all quizzes and an overall...

128 pages, 39166 words

PHAR1101 eTute Notes

Compilation of eTute 1-8 Notes. Good revision for the weekly tests. Received HD in semester 2, 2016.

27 pages, 9612 words

PHAR1101 Exam Notes

Notes for the entire semester summarised into my own words. I received 88% for this unit, and believ...

16 pages, 5411 words

e-Tute 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8 Notes

Notes that summarise all 8 of the e-tutes in fine detail.

13 pages, 8400 words


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Best unit.Lectures are really interesting. Super easy, recommend as an elective over any other level 1 science units. It truly deserves 5 star.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2022

Super rewarding unit! Ricky coordinates the unit exceptionally well, and Philippa and Phil (the 2 main lecturers) are incredibly enthusiastic about what they teach. 23 lectures in total and every single one of them is equally interesting. This makes studying/revising quite pleasant! If you're interested in anything vaguely related to pharmacology, whether it's physiology or biochemistry... DO THIS UNIT! You learn SO much useful stuff in this unit… Exam is super chill as well. I genuinely have zero complaints… 5/5 stars for this unit!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Pros -The content is interesting and engaging -The content is relevant for people going into pharmacology -The content is straight forward and easy to understand -HD is very manageable if you put the time in to properly study all of the learning outcomes -There are no in person tutorials -The only assessments across the semester are 3 multiple choice tests. The final exam is also mostly multiple choice, and you only need to write one letter words or letters in the "short answer section". Time pressure was not an issue in any of the assessments Cons -It is pretty much just a memory game. There are many small details that you will have to memorise -There is lots of content so studying for it is pretty time consuming. This was not an issue for me as I am a first year student and I do not have other very intense units. But if I am a second or third year student with lots of intense units, I would probably not take this unit -As of 2023, the three tests across the semester are all in-person at the QEII medical campus. It is quite annoying needing to travel to the QEII campus for a 20 minute test. In-person also meant that all of the tests are closed book. However, the unit coordinator has said that there is a possibility of all tests going online in the future

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

A very interesting unit if you're interested in pharmacological history just as much (or perhaps more) than pharmacology itself. Anki (flashcard software/application) was my absolute best friend with this unit as it really is just a memorisation unit. The wording of questions didn't try to catch you out as they pretty much came out word for word from the lecture but in question form- but the content heavy load was the challenging part of the unit. Very much HD-able but you must put the time into active recall & to set aside the time to stay on top of your lectures especially because this unit is conducted fully online. The only on campus experience in this unit is when you have to get to the health campus (QEII) for two tests throughout the semester (which can be a bit annoying for a 30 minute multi-choice test). Overall, I was satisfied with this unit and found the content to be super interesting, but the online delivery and method of testing wasn't really engaging and so the unit felt quite effortful to just get the work done.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

The worst unit I've taken. The content is reasonably interesting but there is way too much. It's literally just a memory game. This unit took up majority of my study time and was absolutely not worth it. It is also not an easy D or HD. The unit coordinators are passionate about what they teach but it seems like they genuinely don't care whether you pass or fail. I was organised and stayed on top of the workload but couldn't grasp a lot of it because of how much you need to remember in such a short amount of time. I honestly believe I put in the maximum amount of effort I could have, but only received a credit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

One of the best units. 2 lectures per week. The unit structure has changed from previous years so it's easier to get HD. There are 3 tests in total and an exam which are all multiple choice. Practice tests are released a week before the actual tests and are very similar to the actual tests. You can almost guess the type of questions they are going to ask if you look at the questions in practice tests. The same goes for the exam as well. The tests are spaced out so by exam time, you have learnt most of the content.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

This unit is very interesting and enjoyable. HOWEVER, it is not for everyone. Many of the people who leave the negative reviews here are likely a little sour because they expected an easy HD. This unit is not an easy HD at all. You absolutely must stay on top of the lectures and commit many of the anecdotes and facts from the lectures to memory in preparation for the tests and exam. If you're an organised student who enjoys history and memorising material, you'll breeze through this unit. If you're the type of student to leave things until last minute and hates memorising, you're gonna be very upset with yourself by the end of the unit. I got a final mark of 90 for the unit and that was despite the fact that I had a very rocky start due to some work commitments.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

This unit is really interesting but sooo much history is assessed, more so than any science aspects. People say it was an easy HD but unless you're more history-oriented than science (like me(which was why i picked the unit)) it will suck. All the assessments are multiple choice but they still suck. Also they aren't super accomodating to issues in your schedule e.g. I asked if I could do a test online at a different time because I had work and the UC told me to "pick a different unit because this one clearly isn't for me" Overall, very interesting but unless you are good with memorising and relaying dates and history it is not worth your time, and is definitely not an easy HD.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

This was a really easy unit which I maybe put less than 40 hours of effort in during the entire semester. (including watching the lectures). The coordinators are very knowledgeable and passionate and with consideration of the others reviews that was posted last year, it seems they have made this unit much better? The exam was simple and straightforward and the two tests I did was genuinely an easy HD. The third test was the easiest by far, with almost 20 people getting a 100%. If you enjoy science and you don't mind history, do this unit. (There was pretty much no dates in the exam)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

The lecturers show you in the exam prep lecture how everyone did the previous year. Around half the students who do this unit get a D or HD. Yes you have to do a small bit of work for it, but it's not that hard if you do the practice questions and review the lecture slides. Do the assessments and you should be fine because the marks are cumulative and you don't need to pass the exam to pass the unit. A bunch of students fail because they never turn up to anything or do any assessments, but everyone else I know did okay and some did really well. Cool if you want to do more pharmacology or pharmacy but also quite cool if you just want to know more about what you're putting in your body and where it came from. The lectures range from weird to really good. You will definitely remember stuff from this unit later on!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020