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PHAR1101 Notes: Lecture and eTutes

Written by Zlindt

PHAR1101 Notes from ALL the lectures and eTutorials. Well-summarised diagrams and tables included wi...

156 pages, 37400 words

PHAR1101 Exam Notes

Written by Nadia

These PHAR1101 notes are a detailed compilation of information ordered by topic from the lectures an...

150 pages, 36836 words

PHAR1101 eTute Notes

Written by Iven

Compilation of eTute 1-8 Notes. Good revision for the weekly tests. Received HD in semester 2, 2016.

27 pages, 9612 words

PHAR1101: Completed notes - Lectures + E-tutorials

Written by Kate Olivia

These notes show precise information from all content of PHAR1101 lectures and e-tutorial (Lectures...

113 pages, 26200 words

PHAR1101 Comprehensive notes on all eTutes

Written by Sahil

Comprehensive notes covering all of the etutes. These will be very useful to print and bring for the...

21 pages, 4612 words

PHAR1101 Key Notes on all Lectures

Written by Pranav

These PHAR1101 covers all the lectures that has been taken and greatly helps revision by placing key...

11 pages, 4900 words

PHAR1101 Exam Notes

Written by Elizabeth

Notes for the entire semester summarised into my own words. I received 88% for this unit, and believ...

16 pages, 5411 words

Key Terms

Written by Tayla

Definition of key terms in the unit

3 pages, 1147 words

Drug Summary

Written by Tayla

A powerpoint summary of all the drugs covered in the unit. Also includes information on the origin o...

51 pages, 1000 words

Pharmacology: Drugs that Changed the World

Written by Sophie

In depth, detailed lecture notes for every lecture (lectures 2-16). All the information you need to...

53 pages, 14930 words


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One of the easiest units you can do. Etute quizzes are open book therefore are not hard to score 100%. The assignment may require a bit more effort but you can complete that well ahead of the due date. Exam consisted of recycled MCQs and SAQs that you were basically given in the final lecture.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

This was an amazing unit and I'm someone without a science background. There was a large variety of topics covered by a variety of lecturers. A perfect broadening/elective imo!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

The short tests are only 20 minutes and are all open book. Make sure you work through the practice multi choice tests as they are quite helpful to prepare for the final exam MCQ section. Overall great unit!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Brilliant unit, certainly recommend. So well set out and really easy to follow along with very little prior science knowledge. Perfect as a broadening unit if you're after something slightly more laid back and relaxed. Assessments were very straight forward.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

This was a great unit. The content is interesting and engaging, all the information for the exam comes from the lectures, the eTutorials are interesting and easy to understand and the tests are all multiple choice. The unit coordinator was very easy to talk to and provided lots of help throughout the semester. Definitely recommend this unit!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015