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overall a really enjoyable unit! wasn’t sure ag the start of semester due to horribly harsh marking of the lab reports, but the second half of the semester really picked itself up. one thing i would stress, it’s to learn the specific details of EVERYTHING, particularly for applied pathology (it made really easy marks in the exam). best advice is to study from the beginning of semester and memorise everything - if you think you don’t need to know it, you probably do. group video assignment was fun and i found the tests to be fair if you studied every appropriately.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Very content heavy, a bit ridiculous to be honest. Big issue I had was the 3 lab reports early on, which they wouldn't give back the first on to you until after the second one was due meaning there was little room to improve and easy to lose marks. Group video assignment, somehow (and you know how much uni students dislike group work, and video group work) became the best bit of the unit. Mind blowing. Final exam would've been better without short answers, or at least if they had provided practice exams. Overall this unit dropped my GPA and made me regret doing pathology undergrad at all.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

For the final unit in my degree, this one was a whopper. VERY content heavy, with almost a different type of cancer to memorise each lecture. Don't slack off preparing for the exam for this one. This unit highly emphasises doing extra readings (for a HD), which pays off for the final exam, but also in general, if you're interested in medical breakthroughs when it comes to cancer, which most people should be. The virtual reality experience was very interesting, and made it easier for those concepts to stick into my mind - yes they come up in the exam too. Everything is assessable. Labs. Lectures. You name it. Highly recommend doing the quizzes on LMS for prep - the questions are similar to the exam. The E-tivity's were a little bit pointless, but you can see the general idea intended behind them.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017