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I did this unit as a non-music student and a first year, which was a bit dumb. This unit is definitely not the choice for an easy HD broadening unit. That being said, I still loved it! The unit was really well organised. The fortnightly quizzes both force you to stay on top of things, as well as provide consistent feedback. Unlike a lot of units, I felt this one was really designed pedagogically to help me learn the most I could. The content itself was really interesting. The research focus meant there was scope for music students and non-music students, as I could focus on pieces that I actually knew things about! The unit coordinator really cared, and was quick to answer emails to help me out with anything, even silly things music students would have known. There wasn't a silly amount of work to do, I would say about on par with other core degree units. I recommend this unit if you are interested in the content and okay that it won't be super easy!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020