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MICR2209 Comprehensive Exam Notes

Written by Naser

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For those doing microbiology as a major I found this unit far more enjoyable than MICR2208. The content is broken down into 4 topics: immunology, viral diseases, protozoan diseases and bacterial diseases. The lecture that primarily took the immunology and viruses topic was difficult to listen to and their slides were not very coherent. However the lecturers for the protozoan and bacteria topics were quite good. There are 3 wet labs focused on diagnostics of viruses, protozoans and bacteria which I found to be the highlight of the unit. Assessment wise this unit isn't intense, with no large assignment or essay, only online tests and an exam that are entirely multi-choice. Questions mainly test memorisation of the content. Personally I believe this unit is easier in general than other level 2 biomedical units, but still a step up from level 1 units. Given the assessment structure and interesting content, I think this unit is an alright elective or broadening unit for biomed students.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

This unit was just "okay". I liked the lecturers (honestly Barbara Chang is just lovely) but the labs were so uninvolved; class sizes were huge, no actual hands-on work, just observation and writing in worksheets - although the malaria guy was really interesting. So much of the unit is rote memorisation that it's honestly insane. VERY few concepts (some immune, some viral mechanisms), almost all just memorising names of microbes and names of associated diseases. Hard to find that interesting. The fungal section was the laziest, most poorly run crap -- no lectures, just a reading uploaded online from a textbook and some terrible "interactive quiz" that bugged out and wouldn't let you access all content. PATH2220 probably had similar enough content to this unit but was just run so much better and as a result was infinitely more interesting. Disappointing unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Learning about the immune system can be very complicated so prepare to work hard in this unit particularly in the beginning. Keep hold of your notes if you are doing MICR3340 because a lot of the topics are the same just in more depth. Labs were pretty disappointing after MICR2208 with only computer based ones presented (no wet labs).

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013