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MICR2208 Final Exam Notes

Written by Keely

Comprehensive notes covering all MICR2208 lecture content for the second half of Semester 1 2018, wh...

26 pages, 7500 words

MICR2208 Mid Semester Examination Notes

Written by Patrick

Comprehensive study package covering all lecture content assessed in the MICR2208 mid-semester exam....

37 pages, 16830 words

MICR2208 Lecture Notes

Written by Naser

Detailed lecture notes obtained from lecture recordings and Prescott's Microbiology textbook Topics...

59 pages, 24515 words

MICR2208 Mid Semester Exam Notes

Written by Keely

Comprehensive notes covering all MICR2208 lecture content for the first half of Semester 1 2018, whi...

22 pages, 7500 words

MICR2208 - Full Semester Notes

Written by Anubhav

Comprehensive notes covering the entire unit outline for MICR2208 (2017). Perfect for exam study as...

279 pages, 49904 words


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content is interesting and relatively straight forward. my only problems with this unit were the poor communication from the unit coordinator. there are a series of online ePracs to complete which are relatively straight forward, however you never know how many questions/time there will be for each which can make it a bit rushed (eg 22 questions in 20 minutes). the final exam was much harder than the midsem exam with lots of obscure questions

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Content was really heavy, but fun to learn. I would say this is an easy unit because all quizzes and exams were all online MCQs. The mid sem was a lot easier than the final exam although they were both weighted the same.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

This unit has changed from previous years due to a new coordinator and it's definitely an improvement. The first half of the unit is very interesting with a broad overview of different microorganisms. The second half is biochemistry and genetics which most of it you will have already learnt from SCIE1106 or other biomedical units. The final exam only covers content after the mid-semester exam and both exams are majority MCQ. My only issue with the unit was a lack of any practice material and only 2 short labs (which are fun). I'd say this unit is moderate in workload compared to other biochem units and I'd recommend it if you're taking another biomed major.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Favourite science unit of my degree so far. Interesting content, but very heavy and will need a lot of work to do well in. Midsem was good, but end of sem was a few steps up in difficulty.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Content was interesting. Quite abit of work. Learnt alot and had fun. Semester, part two, they taught alot of info that wasnt examined. Even told us stuff we needed to know apparently and then didnt give us that in the exam. It wasted time and effort. Made my grade and other suffer as a result. I felt this was unethical and unfair. It didnt need to be that difficult. Large portion of semester 2 was on biochem reactions and genetics. Other than my second half of the semester experience i enjoyed the unit and would recommend it.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Fantastic introduction to microbiology. Lecturers explained the topics very clearly and the labs were fun and informative. Mid year examination is actually helpful because it forces you to learn half the topics before the end of year examinations. Most of the examinations were multiple choice which made things easier but end of semester included short answer as well.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013