Remedies Commentary and Materials

Michael Tilbury, Michael Gillooly, Elise Bant, Norman Witleb

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Normann Witzleb, Elise Bant, Kit Barker, Simone Degeling

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Annotated Civil Liability Act New South Wales

Dominic Villa

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LAWS5105: Remedies Comprehensive Exam notes

Written by Ada

These notes summarises all examinable lectures slides and relevant textbook chapters. The notes are...

45 pages, 20344 words

Remedies - Complete Exam Notes

Written by Daphne

These notes include the following topics with answer structures and case summaries: - General - P...

31 pages, 13614 words

Remedies Notes

Written by Zachary

This covers all the examinable material from semester 2 2017. I wont the prize for the best mark in...

62 pages, 20200 words


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Experienced qualified solicitor with 12 years teaching experience. Lecturer and tutor. LLB/LP (hons...


$85 per hour

exp. Qualif. sol. Hons Law. 2006 (LLB/LP)(Hons) BSc (Hons in Immunology) IMDT (dietitian APD) MHN (...