Remedies in Australian Private Law

Katy Barnett, Sirko Harder

For sale by Jesse for $90

Remedies Commentary and Materials

Normann Witzleb

For sale by Jordana for $100


Normann Witzleb, Elise Bant, Kit Barker, Simone Degeling

For sale by Daphne for $110

Annotated Civil Liability Act New South Wales

Dominic Villa

For sale by Aden for $80

Remedies Exam Notes

Written by Emma

Detailed exam notes for Remedies. Structured to answer problem questions and essays. 'Action plans'...

107 pages, 38324 words

Remedies Exam Style Notes

Written by Helena

These notes cover the topics that were examined in 2019. Exam-style skeleton notes + notes for 'essa...

40 pages, 18997 words


Written by Natasha

Scaffold answer style notes used in final exam. Covering the following topics: - Account of Profits...

17 pages, 5236 words

Remedies Exam Answer Guide

Written by Ellen

This Remedies Exam Answer Guide distills the 2019 UWA course and restructures the information into a...

8 pages, 5739 words

Remedies Exam Notes

Written by Tayla

Exam notes for Remedies unit. Includes scaffold answers for; - Gain Based Awards - Restitutio...

85 pages, 23010 words


Written by Natasha

Notes used in final exam. Covering the following topics: - Introduction (what is a remedy, monist v...

72 pages, 26307 words

Remedies Exam Notes

Written by Jackie

12 week semester Topics covered include: 1. Restitutionary Remedies A. Gain Based Awards for W...

70 pages, 27993 words

Remedies - Complete Exam Notes

Written by Daphne

These notes include the following topics with answer structures and case summaries: - General - P...

31 pages, 13614 words

Remedies Exam notes

Written by Sussan

Very detailed exam notes for Remedies Law at UWA. Easy to navigate with numerical headings and colo...

85 pages, 39990 words

Remedies Law Notes

Written by Jordana

Detailed and exam-style structured notes for Remedies unit at UWA. Notes cover the following: PE...

37 pages, 16000 words


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