Janice Aski, Diane Musumeci

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The Italian Project 1A

T. Marin, S. Magnelli

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The Italian Project

Telis Marin, Sandro Magnelli

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Carla Riga

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Extensive vocab list and translations AND notes for 1a of textbook

Written by Charlotte

Includes pretty much all the words that are needed in the whole ITAL1401 unit PLUS notes for 1A of t...

18 pages, 3133 words


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Hey, I'm a chemistry and pharmacology major in second year. I find explaining chemistry quite natura...


I found this unit very challenging. However, if you do all of the LearnSmart activities and the online tests, it was quite easy to pass. It is very time consuming. The tutors and unit coordinators are lovely. There is no exam!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

I really loved this unit, helped me grasp a basic understanding of the culture and conversational Italian. The unit coordinators and tutors are all lovely and willing to help with grammatical corrections and any questions about travelling in Italy.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018