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If I could give this unit no stars I would. I would strongly advise anyone considering doing this unit next year to not bother. The unit coordinator and tutor Ethan Blue was highly unorganised. No unit outline, students had to mark themselves for tutorial participation and create their own essay topic for the annotated bibliography and research essay. The tutor gave little to no feedback or help on assignments even when seeing him in his office during allocated consultation times. He didn't even know who students were or their names because he never bothered to interact with them. Tutorials were a waste of time. The tutor did not make it clear as to what we were supposed to take away from that week’s topic, he rarely put the readings up in time for the tutorial or not at all. 95% of the time students were put into groups to discuss that week’s readings. Less than 10 minutes of talking and students were no longer interested in carrying on the discussion because he gave us no motivation to do so. This unit was extremely unclear on the outcomes of what students were meant to learn. The majority and I of students taking the unit lost interest by the middle of the semester, resulting in a low attendance rate for tutorials. I initially was going to choose history as my second major but after this unit I will not which is a shame because I love learning about history but Ethan made his unit such a miserable experience that I no longer have the passion to commit to another history unit, especially if he is the unit coordinator again.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020