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It's a pretty "research-oriented" unit, so all the lectures and workshops are about research stuff which could be a bit boring. The group project proposal stuff weighed more than half of the mark, so if you are in a group that everyone is procastinating you might end up not so good. The project topic is allocated randomly and it's really hard to develop an idea on some broad topics. Lit review just needs a lot of time to think about the structure, but you can get a decent mark as long as you've really spent time on it. I personally won't recommend people to take this unit just for fun (ie. don't do it if you don't have to), but if you have to, it's not that hard to get an HD.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

This is meant to set the foundation for your research career but all it seems to cause all students to lose motivation to carry on. You get grouped with people that somehow have even less motivation than you. The lectures are really boring and for some reason they ended up being removed from LMS altogether??? You seriously need to read every little bit of the hundreds of resources they give to get decent marks. There is a literature review worth 40% for some reason. And they are SO pedantic about tiny details. Is your line-spacing 0.01 mm off in your references? Minus 5%. The group project requires you to talk about any random topic they give you. If you're lucky you get a medical topic with a group of students studying medicine. If you get really unlucky you get a group of guys doing science and a topic about feminism. It seems you either get 65 or above 90 in this unit. Seriously no in between. They decided to triple the cohort size so now the coordinators don't really seem to care any more. You're just a number. And they wonder why so many people drop out. Thank god there is no exam.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019