Une forme de vie

Amélie Nothomb

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FREN2406 Tute (L2) Notes

Written by Ellie

Notes from FREN2406 tutorials (L2 class). Organised in chronological order, with each section titled...

3 pages, 798 words

FREN2406 Lecture (L1) Notes - Une forme de vie & Les intouchables

Written by Ellie

Notes from FREN2406 lectures (L1 class). Includes notes on the texts 'Une forme de vie' and also 'Le...

11 pages, 3552 words

FREN2406 Grammar Notes

Written by Ellie

Notes for FREN2406 grammar test revision, which include material from lectures, tutorials and gramma...

9 pages, 2353 words


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Sabine is a great teacher, making this a great unit. Important to read the texts given to you on time for the tutes.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015